After a 7 day free trial, plans range from $16.95/month-$99.99/month (from 10 to unlimited bookings per month) for the monthly packages and from $359.88 to $999.99 (600 bookings per year to unlimited bookings per year) for the annualized packages.

If a business is not on an unlimited plan, extra bookings will cost $1.00 each.

A basic PerkWiz account is free. You are welcome to create free deal vouchers and free memberships. There is a 10% + $0.30 marketplace fee if you create a paid deal or a paid deal voucher. This is a much better deal than a major competitor that charges a 50% marketplace fee and pays n/30. With PerkWiz you can connect your business bank account and get paid in 1-2 business days.
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