Some of top reasons to sell on PerkWiz include the following:

Reach a big audience: We have over 350,000 users as of December 2020 and we're adding over 1,000 new downloads daily.
Save money: Our marketplace fees are up to 50% lower than competitors
Free to try: There is no cost to list your gig services for sale
Get rewarded for loyalty: As you earn more on PerkWiz, you will be rewarded with higher rankings in our search results. We want to reward you for being a loyal partner.
Easily communicate with your partners on your mobile phone
Easily sell multiple services for sale
Easily add upgrade options to your service providings
Get paid through multiple convenient payout options
Our review/hold times are reasonable (5 days) before funds are released
Verify your account to generate trust easily with potential buyers.
Save time by easily posting multiple gigs for sale.
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