PerkWiz loves our sellers and beileves in providing excellent technology/systems to protect you.

How We Protect You:

Pre-Purchase Protection:
Buyer profiles: We allow buyers to verify their accounts/prove their identities. You can also see the buyer's history.
You can create a clear agreement including the price, deliverables and delivery time frame before accepting orders.
Ability to negotiate a custom deal right within PerkWiz

Purchase Protection:
Milestone Funding: When buyers can pre-fund tasks in milestones, it helps ensure you get paid
Quality communication: We encourage you to resolve matters directly with the client. We use automatic reminders and messenger prompts to enhance your communication experience.
Request Changes option: This option from your clients will help them communicate that they need additional changes, which will help improve their satisfaction rate.

How We Reward You with More Business
Higher earnings will help you rank higher for search terms and
Account verifications will help you rank higher and attract more clients

We appreciate our hard working sellers and it's our mission to build a long term relationship with you.
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