First, you create a PerkWiz deal that and write a brief description of the deal want to do an online press release for.
A press release in an article that will go out to online news distribution sources.
The goal of this press release is to bring more customers to your deal.

Second, select a plan that you want to promote your PerkWiz deal.
Please see the breakdown of placements here:

The basic press release includes:
25+ Guaranteed Placements
Google Inclusion
Yahoo Inclusion
Bing Inclusion
Google News Inclusion
Bing News Inclusion
SEO Mass Ping
Financial Feeds
Social Media Blast
Blog Outreach

The premium package includes the same as above but 75+ guaranteed placements including:
Premium News Network
Featured On ABC & AffiliatesFeatured On ABC & Affiliates
Featured On NBC & AffiliatesFeatured On NBC & Affiliates
Featured On CBS & AffiliatesFeatured On CBS & Affiliates
Featured On Fox & AffiliatesFeatured On Fox & Affiliates
Featured On CW & AffiliatesFeatured On CW & Affiliates
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