Buyer Protection: As a buyer, you are protected in multiple ways.

Pre-purchase Tools:
You can check the seller's identity verifications before engaging in a transaction. The seller can perform multiple types of verification and earn a badge for each verification they perform.
You can message the seller asking for due diligence items before beginning a work engagement with them
You can confirm with the seller regarding the number of revisions allowed
You can review the seller's history to confirm their track record of success
You can create milestones and release funds as milestones are completed

Post-purchase Protection:
You have a 48 hour review period to request changes from the seller of services after the seller marks the job as complete. This gives you the opportunity to:
a) "Request Changes" if the work is not satisfactory or
b) If you agreed upon revisions being allowed, you can request additional changes or
c) You may message the seller or support to cancel a project if their work is still not satisfactory. If the seller does not agree to cancel the project, you must request help from support to evaluate the situation and decide on a resolution.

Funds are held for 5 business days before they are released to the seller. This provides account/risk management to review any suspicious behavior
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